Vegan Brunch

**menu is subject to change without notice
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Toca Parfait 9
fresh papaya, mango, strawberries and pineapple with coconut yogurt
topped with crunchy granola and mint crystals

Churro Waffle 11
our famous churro batter pressed into a waffle and dipped in cinnamon and sugar with mixed berries, chantilly crema, honey butter, and maple syrup

“Huevos” Rancheros 11
homemade corn tortillas, black beans, queso fresco, spicy soyrizo, lava stone molcajete salsa, avocado and soft scrambled chipotle tofu

El Burro 11
cilantro gardein chicken, soft scrambled chipotle tofu, sweet chipotle sauce, crema, mozzarella, black beans and mojo potatoes served with fire roasted tomato salsa

“Huevos” a la Mexicana 12
soft scrambled chipotle tofu with roasted tomato, onion, jalapeño, black bean puree, herbed potato fritter and roasted tomatillo salsa

Machaca Scramble 12
cilantro gardein chicken, tossed with soft scrambled chipotle tofu, pasilla peppers and onions topped with mozzarella, guacamole and chipotle crema served with house made flour tortillas

Chilaquiles 12
choice of cilantro gardein chicken or chipotle dusted tofu, corn chips tossed with avocado tomatillo sauce, soft scrambled chipotle tofu, caramelized onion and mozzarella with cilantro, crema, and pickled onion

Soyrizo and “Eggs” 12
soft scrambled chipotle tofu and soyrizo, avocado tomatillo salsa, escabeche, mojo potatoes and fresh corn tortillas

“Chicken” and Waffle 16
crispy chipotle gardein chicken strips served atop our cinnamon churro waffle served with agave butter, maple syrup and tangy hot sauce

Barrio Crudité 7
pineapple, cucumber, jicama and mango tossed with fresh lime and chipotle powder served with caviar lime and sea salt

Salsa Flight 10
warm corn tortilla chips with grilled pineapple salsa, avocado tomatillo salsa, diablo salsa and a capsaicin hot sauce

Guacamole A La Mesa 12
locally sourced avocados, pomegranate seeds, lime pepitas, jalapeño and cilantro mixed table-side served with house-made crispy plantain chips

Toca Salad 13
rocket arugula tossed with tequila-soaked golden raisins, shaved vegan mozzarella and marcona almonds tossed with lemon vinaigrette

Chopped Salad 13
grilled cilantro tofu tossed with butter lettuce, spicy citrus dressing, poached tomato, red onion, white beans, cucumber, tortilla chips and toca queso

Chipotle Caesar 14
baby kale, butter lettuce, shaved vegan mozzarella, lime pepita seeds with crispy plantain croutons, tossed with vegan chipotle caesar vinaigrette

(two per order) made with house-made corn tortillas
*lettuce wraps available upon request for 1.00

Soyrizo and Chipotle Tofu 9
with pickled carrot and jalapeño, mozzarella cheese and avocado tomatillo sauce

Mushroom and Sweet Corn 10
garlic lime sautéed cremini and chanterelle mushrooms layered with corn relish, sweet chipotle, vegan mozzarella and black beans

Chipotle Tofu Lettuce Wrap 10
butter lettuce, garlic mojo, radish and vegan mozzarella

“Sausage” and Eggs 10
huevos mexicana, sweet chipotle salsa, avocado tomatillo sauce
and vegan cilantro sausage

Cali Green Tofu 14
chipotle-dusted tofu topped with radish and onion slaw tossed with an avocado vinaigrette, and vegan mozzarella

Grilled Jalapeño Tofu 13
jalapeño cilantro marinated tofu fire grilled served atop sweet chipotle sauce and topped with pineapple corn relish and pickled onion

Soyrizo Asada 14
with guacamole, cilantro, red onions, sweet chipotle sauce and vegan mozzarella

Ensenada 14
crispy beer battered chipotle tofu, habañero, cucumber radish slaw and vegan lime crema

Mexican Rice 5
guajillo and tomato salsa

Frijoles Negros 6
chipotle scented black beans topped with vegan mozzarella

Mixed Mushroom Bowl 9
sautéed garlic lime cremini and chanterelle mushrooms

Freshly Sliced Tomatoes 4
Soft Scrambled Chipotle Tofu 4
Fresh Avocado 5
Coconut Yogurt 5
Soyrizo 5
Mojo Potatoes 6
Berry Bowl 6
Vegan Sausage 6